Oil & Gas

Seasoned attorneys with vast experience in the oil and gas industry and the energy sector

At the Law office of James F. Epo, a significant portion of our law practice focuses on assisting clients in the oil and gas industry. With a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry and the complexities of government regulations, our attorneys have been representing oil and gas companies for decades. Our clients regularly rely on our seasoned ability to secure these rights and further profit strategies. Our attorneys also assist clients with transactions involving oil and gas securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, as well as any associated litigation.

This area of our practice also encompasses the acquisition of all types of interests in oil, gas, and other natural resources. We represent clients in oil and gas law cases related to:

  • Mineral ownership rights below the surface
  • Ownership of extracted oil and gas
  • Lease disputes with drilling companies
  • Oil and gas contracts
  • Surface damage on natural gas or oil lease matters
  • Oil and Gas Consultations Relating to Hydrocarbon Law